Saturday, March 16, 2013

Black Wealth, White Wealth (quotes)

"Discrimination follows blacks no matter where they want to live and no matter how much they earn."

In the article, an example from the Washington Post was given about how Black Americans were more unlikely to retain a lend from a bank than White Americans.  Even if the Black American were to live in the wealthiest neighborhood, the poorest White American would retain the load over the Black American; which is a form of racial inequality.  I find this to be unfair because banks are discriminating and not even considering their credit for the loan.  This also makes it nearly impossible for African Americans to succeed and climb the economic ladder.  In order to create money, one must have money.  If they are unable to attain a loan, they certainly will not be able to create money.

"Full equality is still far from being achieved."

Mobility is difficult for African Americans because of poor education, unemployment, poverty, and instability.    Often times, success starts from education.  When there is poor school systems, it is difficult to provide the individuals with an educational foundation that is needed to succeed.  They then become trapped and isolated away from succeeding.  Without a proper education, it becomes increasingly difficult to attain a well paying career.  The unemployment rates within the black community is more than twice of the white population.  Joblessness creates poverty and instability.  We live in a community with low incomes and high costs which affects quality of life; but more so within the black population.

"The process of asset accumulation that began in the 1930s has become layered over and over by social and economic trends that magnify inequality over time and across generations."

Since wealth is passed down, African Americans become trapped in poor areas with low economic opportunity which makes it difficult or impossible to accumulate wealth.  They have low opportunity to create wealth because of the lack of resources that they inherit such as no consumption and low investment.  If an individual comes from a family of low SES, it becomes increasingly difficult to climb the ladder.  

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